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Would you get fit for a reward?

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Would you get fit for a reward?

Nov 14, 2017Tyrone Wiseman

Last year, we wrote about an insurance company that rewards you for being active and getting healthy. Back then, Louise and I were keen to give it a go, and see if we could chalk up enough points to earn a Boost Juice or two.

green juice

This is a stunt Boost Juice in hipster camouflage. #leanmeangreenjuicemachine 

A year on, we thought we’d update you on whether we think the program — called Vitality — is worthwhile. 

The first thing we noticed, is there’s a $10 monthly fee to get involved. This isn’t just like FlyBuys or Everyday Rewards that are free to join (and often easy to forget about). So, it’s worth making a conscious decision about whether you’re in or not. 

We think you’ll probably get your Vitality membership money back, just based on the discount on your insurance premiums (up to 20%) and the ‘active benefits’ for getting moving with regular physical activity. 

 You might also find you can snare some even larger benefits, like:

• Up to 50% discount on flights – This is gold if you’re planning a long-haul return flight overseas or even a domestic flight or two. Fifty percent off a return flight to London will save you a fair chunk of change for spending at Harrods…maybe even as much as what you paid in premiums. 

• $5 voucher each week you achieve your activity target – If you get a voucher every week, the dollar value adds up pretty fast. You can choose a voucher from Boost Juice, HOYTS, iTunes or Woolies, or even donate the $5 to charity.

• More vouchers and discounts – There are more vouchers up for grabs from Woolworths, JB Hi-Fi, Rebel, Dymocks or Myer, as you earn points throughout the year. You can also get a discount on fitness trackers from Garmin, Fitbit and more.

Now those things might all sound enticing, but like every rewards program you need to consider whether it’s going to be worth joining, for your situation. If you’re not planning on flying, you buy a Fitbit you don’t use, or end up spending more at the stores you visit to cash-in vouchers, then maybe it’s not right for you. 

 Or maybe, the health and fitness effects are reward enough without all the add-ons. 

So, who does it work best for? 

If you work in an office or spend a lot of time in the car for work, you’re going to have to make a bigger effort to earn your points. That might mean pulling on the sweats for a gym sesh when you get home, or starting the day with an early morning walk. 

My fitbit died. Not moving until it's charged.

 You’re on to a winner if the benefits line up nicely with your lifestyle and spending plans. If you work on your feet for a large part of their day, you’ll find it a cinch to earn your points just from the step count alone. 

 Most importantly, even though we think it’s a great program, it shouldn’t be the only focus when you’re selecting insurance. The terms of your cover and the premiums being charged are always the most important elements to consider, and things we still focus on when recommending what’s the best product for you. 

If you want to know more, just give us a call.